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Consistent stimulus beats hours of conventional wisdom


Learn how to get faster and reduce injuries by changing technique. Swim and Run clinics giving you the tools to take away and apply to your training.

Triathlon is not just the sum of 3 sports but rather a sport in itself, the training methods and techniques required for improved performance differ from those used in the single sports that make up triathlon. Open water swimming requires a specific set of skills that are not needed when swimming in the pool and also we need to remember that once the swim section of the race is over we need to be fresh and ready to perform on the bike and run, a consideration that is not required of a swimmer. My swim clinics are designed to teach you how to develop a symmetrical swim stoke, overcome issues such as limited shoulder mobility and break the stroke down into simple individual cues that stop the overthinking that is the main cause of poor technique. 

Once we reach the run section of our race we are anything but fresh and we need to develop a run that is both efficient and fast, working on technique to ensure a fast stride rate and limited range of motion is going to make a big difference to your results. My run clinics break down the run and look to make sure you are running with correct mechanics and muscle recruitment. Not only can this help you overcome constant injuries but significantly improve your run times off the bike. 

My technique workshops run for 3 hours and can be done on a 1on1 or group basis. Following the workshop you will have the tools to go away and apply to your daily training. 

If your interested in achieving your true potential contact me at 

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